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GSCI TWS-3075-64 Elite Grade Tactical Weapon Sight

GSCI TWS-3075-64 Elite Grade Tactical Weapon Sight
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GSCI TWS-3075-64 Elite Grade Tactical Weapon Sight
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  • Model: TWS-3075-64
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TWS-3075-64 (used for around 4 hours of demos, full 7 year warranty)

Elite Grade Tactical Weapon Sight


TWS-3075-64 is a high-performance thermal weapon sight for medium– to long-range engagements. It boasts “fast” 75mm objective lens paired to high-sensitivity FPA and together with the GSCI proprietary image enhancement solutions deliver staggering detection figures of up to 3380 metres. TWS-3075-64 is manufactured in Canada according to strict military standards. Its body is made of hard-anodised, high-strength aircraft-grade aluminium to ensure maximum durability. Outstanding technical characteristics, numerous unique features and options make sights TWS-3075-64 a true professional choice.


Like in all GSCI Thermal Systems, Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC, Calibration) of FPA is performed automatically, instantly and continuously to deliver crisp and highest image quality at all times. Auto-NUC technology results in no “clicks”, no interruptions in device’s operation. User is not distracted to perform any FPA calibrations whatsoever.




Optical Magnification


Objective Lens System

75mm Focal Length, f/1.0

Field-Of-View (FOV)


Focusing Range

2m .. Infinity

Diopter Adjustment Range

-6 .. +4

FPA Resolution and Pitch

640x480, 17 micron

FPA Type

Uncooled, a-Si, Shutterless, Silent, Auto-NUC (Uninterrupted Operation)

FPA Sensitivity


FPA Refresh Rate


Digital Zoom

2X and 4X


AMOLED, Colour, 800x600

Imaging Modes 

1 Monochrome + 8 Colour

Digital Video Recorder

Built-In (32GB microSD Card Included)

Max. Detection Human (1.7x0.5m)


Max. Detection Vehicle (2.3x2.3m)


Power Source

4 AA Batteries, Any Kind: Lithium, Alkaline, Rechargeable, etc.

Battery Life

Up to 10 hours

Environmental Protection

IP67 or Better (Optional)

Dimensions, mm


Weight, grams


Operating Temperature

-40°C .. +50°C


7 Years, Limited


Standard equipment: what’s in the box.

Optional equipment:

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