1st September 2019

After three weeks of digger, dumper trucks, teleporters,
a concrete crusher and loads of incredible workmen***,
everything is getting a little closer.

It still looks like a war zone, but the showroom walls will be completed
in the next two weeks and the electricity and water connected soon after.

Removing the slurry pit wall (and slurry pit)
increased the straight-line viewing from 900m to nearly 2 miles.

With no light polution, this is perfect for testing night vision,
as well as thermal scopes/spotters and the amazing Zeiss Z8.

Obviously a lot of work to go, but we are happy to do demos right now.

Just don't turn up in high heals and expect not to fall over.

***I highly recommend R J Riggall for anyone wanting demolition,
groundwork, or agricultural spraying.