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About Us

Optical Solutions aims to always provide the best advice,
the best product, the best support and at the best price.
It’s that simple and in that order.

We start by asking what you need (or think you need) and don’t start
with the fixation that we must sell you something.
If what we have isn’t right for you, we will tell you and are happy
to suggest alternatives, such as IR based systems if appropriate.

Only when it’s appropriate do we suggest our products and will
spend as much time as needed explaining what they can and can’t do.
For people new to thermal, explaining the limitations
can be more useful that the features.
We are happy to do demos in person, or arrange for one of our
partners to do so, as we have faith in all our products
and will show them side by side against any other brands.
Once you are sure of what you need, everything is shipped
for next day delivery and covered by our three year warranty.

In addition to industry leading warranty, we are always
happy to help with any set up, or other questions.
We don’t forget who you are just because you have already paid.

With rising electricity/heating prices, two digit inflation
and a host of other price rises, we will do whatever we can to
ensure our products are great value for money.
The pound crashing against the dollar doesn’t help,
but forward planning has provided some mitigation and we will
avoid passing on increases whenever possible.

We will never be the cheapest, but we will always
outperform any other product at the same price.

Cliff Ray started shooting in 1975 and has used everything from
spring action, to the latest PCP air rifles, rim fire and centrefire
rifles, under and over, side by side and semi auto shotguns,
recurve bows, boomerangs, spear guns, and even a blow pipe and
throwing stars when there were still legal.
With a physics/electronics degree and years of programming and
design experience, there is nothing Cliff can’t explain about any
aspect of thermal hunting, night vision or day optics.

Phil Ray joined Optical Solutions February 2021 to add his own
unique abilities to head the sales team. Probably the most
approachable person you will meet, with expertise in statistical
analysis, distribution, customer service and entertainment.

Danny is our secret weapon for new product development.
With a masters in physics, and fluent in Mandarin, Danny will be
heading the R&D on our new, non-thermal, product ranges.
(due to to be launched mid-2023)

Jiye is here to bring a little balance, with a masters in chemical
engineering rather than physics, as well as being fluent in Korean.
Jiye is an invaluable consultant on the new product ranges.

Optical Solutions (ne MyFlashQuiz) started life January 2011
developing educational software for interactive whiteboards.

Cliff's ambition was to make school lessons far more effective,
much more enjoyable and a lot easier for teachers to teach.

Sadly that came to a halt December 2013 during the East Anglia floods
when Cliff broke his wrist while on call for the local lifeboat.
Complications from the wrist injury lasted three years, so hours
programming were too painful and software development stopped.

When finally better and able to start shooting again, Cliff went
to look at a thermal scope only to be told the shop had no batteries,
so couldn't switch it on and clearly hadn’t got a clue how it worked.

That’s why Optical Solutions was started, to provide a service level
and expertise that wasn’t available in the market.

There is a lot more to the story, but nothing is a secret
so feel free to ask over a beer some time…

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